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也应等And it's very comfortable. Everyone says he made it with cloud! Let me take a look at our playground again. It is a playground formed by clouds. There are seven different colors, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Natural effects are also very different. At this time, I heard my mother was waking me up. This is another dream! One day in 2030, the doctor from the city called me to his laboratory and showed me what ’s different. I looked around and found that No. 1 is a large bread maker. I said, sir, when is it? Still eating bread? Can't you eat a compressed food bag? Said: 1. This is a space-time shuttle, not a bread machine. 2. Compressed food bag for the environment。


到康复后Harmful, you go and see in the future! Yeah! Speaking, I jumped into the bread machine ... Boom boom, there was a vortex in the sky in 2050, I fell heavily to the ground, sat up and saw, here became a garbage dump, the ground is full of garbage, people live In the garbage dump: garbage house. sofa. The chair ... it's all rubbish, and anyone who looks at it will feel sick. Boom Boom, I went back again ... Boom Boom Another vortex appeared in the sky in 1977, people were stunned, immortal, immortal! Brother Fairy, sign your name! what! !! !! I yell, run away! I rush forward like a marathon, the people behind。

再使用Quickly chase. Running and running, I stopped and everyone was quiet! I said, I have something to say! I want to lie to them. I am the person that God photographed to manage everyone. God said that people on the ground do n’t care for the environment. Let me control it. Anyway, anyway. People say from now on, we listen to you! I asked everyone to take care of hygiene and talked about the main points to scare them to say that God is not irritating! I went to 2050 again, and the earth was clean, flowers, grasses, and beautiful ... pop, I rolled down from the bed, and I realized that this is a dream, yes, we can only live without protecting the environment In the trash。

武汉桑Hard work and thrift are a quality, a spirit, a culture, and a virtue. The Chinese nation has traditional virtues of diligence and thrift since ancient times, and diligence and thrift are also an eternal topic. History and reality tell us: a country without hard work, thrift, and hard work is hard to thrive; a society without hard work, thrift, and hard work, and hard work, cannot survive long-term; It is difficult for a supporting nation to stand on its own. Mao Zedong asked others to do it first. He spent his whole life with coarse tea and light rice, sleeping on a hard board bed and wearing coarse cloth。

拿浴。Yi, life is extremely simple, a sleep yi has made up 73 times and worn for 20 years. In difficult economic times, he took the initiative to cut pay and lower living standards, and did not eat fish or fruits. In the 1960s, he once convened a meeting until noon. He left everyone for lunch. At the table, a large pot of meatballs boiled cabbage and a few small dishes of pickles. Great people set an example for the Chinese people in terms of diligence and thrift. A British proverb often used by Queen Elizabeth II is to save pennies. Since the British pound came, she turned off the lights in the small hall and corridor of Buckingham Palace herself every night. She insisted on royal use.。

怀孕的Toothpaste is to be squeezed out. It is said that the car must have a road to the mountain, and there must be a Toyota car on the road. Japan ’s Toyota Co., Ltd. starts from the point of cost management. The labor insurance gloves are broken. To use the reverse side, put a brick in the toilet's water tank to save water. It is amazing that one is a country's respect and one is a world-renowned transnational company. Some things that seem small but cause a lot of waste inadvertently: Some papers are just stained or only a few words are written and thrown into the trash; the faucets of the toilet and the sink are crashing Rushing water; some classrooms。

妇女或The light shines during the day, and there is no one in the classroom, but the air conditioner is still running; there are spilled meals on the dining table and on the ground ... In fact, we can save a lot of wealth if we pay attention to it In fact, saving is very simple. For example, if we save one grain of rice per person each day, we can make the poor people eat a delicious meal of rice; if we save one piece of paper every day, we can save a large forest: each of us daily Saving a drop of water can make people who do n’t drink drink for a year; each of us saving a dime a day can make those who are eager to read read。

Interesting books can also provide food and warmth to those who are hungry and frozen, and return homes to those who are homeless. These things seem insignificant to us, but as long as we people across the country save, The people of the whole country can form the habit of diligence and thrift, then our country will take a big step forward. Let us act positively, firmly establish a sense of frugality, let frugality become a habit, let frugality become a way of life, insist on starting from ourselves, starting from every day, saving every drop of water, every kilowatt-hour, every grain, from one Starting with small things, we can only save resources if we are frugal at all times, and we can only save resources.。

Sometimes I start from everywhere, so that our earth ’s homeland will always be beautiful and rich, so that the fine traditional virtue of diligence and thrift will be passed down from generation to generation in China! The thirteen-year-old sky was covered with a cyan lemon rain, which contained both a touch of sweetness and some bitterness. And I, a little girl who was walking in the rain at the age of thirteen, was like a lush meadow, and a Leo girl was sitting on this grass. Quiet silence is her appearance. Like a bird spreading her wings, she often reveals a lively side. Love to laugh and live forever。

Far full of sunlight. There will never be a trace of sadness, only a warm smile. Happiness is her eternal sign. On the other side, she was quiet. Observe quietly and enjoy quietly. Calm and calm, she often sings. Listening to music quietly is her love. And she, that girl like lemon rain, is me! Strolling in the drizzle, walking on the grass, full of sunshine, but also calm. When I am happy, I will go crazy with my partners. In the end, it is infinite reflection. Friends asked: Gong Qiyao,。

what are you thinking about? I don't know: Maybe it's funny? Maybe sad? I can only speculate, guessing the thirteen-year-old story in my head. I once dreamed of being an actor to bring joy; I also dreamed of being a scientist and contributing silently to humans ... but now I want to integrate into the crowd, be a social pinion, live in silence, and find my own happy. I like listening to songs quietly, listening to a "Funeral of Roses", fresh tunes, crisp notes, one by one in my mind. When I was alone, my mood became peaceful, and I brought a little bit of thirteen。